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Yanagawa K., Shiraishi F., Tanigawa Y., Maeda T., Mustapha N.A., Owari S., Tomaru H., Matsumoto R., Kano A. (2019) Endolithic microbial habitats hosted in carbonate nodules currently forming within sediment at a high methane flux site in the Japan Sea. Geosciences 9, 463.
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木村光佑,早坂康隆,田中和弘,村上裕晃, 津和野地域の古原生代花崗岩類と高塩濃度深部流体.地質学雑誌,125,595-607.doi: 10.5575/geosoc.2019.0027.
Kimura, K. and Hayasaka, Y., Zircon U-Pb age and Nd isotope geochemistry of latest Neoproterozoic to early Paleozoic Oeyama ophiolite: Evidence for oldest MORB-type oceanic crust in Japanese accretionary system and its tectonic implications. Lithos, 342–343, 345–360, doi: 10.1016/j.lithos.2019.06.001.
木村光佑,早坂康隆,柴田知之,川口健太,藤原弘士, 島根県津和野地域の舞鶴帯から古原生代18.5億年花崗岩質岩体の発見とその意義.地質学雑誌 125,153-165,doi: 10.5575/geosoc.2018.0050.
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富岡尚敬「衝撃変成」,鉱物・宝石の科学事典 朝倉書店 47–49 2019.【図書】
鉱物・宝石の科学事典 [編集委員]土山明、松原聡、宮脇律郎、井上徹、小山内康人、赤井純治、山田裕久、宮田雄史、林政彦 朝倉書店 2019.【図書】
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